OUR GOAL:  Housing Solutions Council and our partners will end housing insecurity in Martin County.

OUR VISION:  Opportunity begins when people have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home.  It grows with access to good schools, jobs, transit and healthcare. 

OUR 24/25 COMMITMENT:  Provide opportunity to 50+ families through quality affordable multi-family rental housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and healthcare.

Housing Insecurity ends with homes that are:

  • Affordable to low income and moderate income families
  • Available in communities where the supply gap is growing
  • Healthy, well designed and sustainable
  • Developed in a Geographic Area of Opportunity (GAO) connected to good schools, jobs, health care and transit


10.9 Million Renter Households & 7.5 Million Homeowners are paying more than half their household income on housing plus 610,000 Homeless People.

We will create affordable homes through creative housing solutions.  Demand outstrips supply for affordable housing in our community.  It is our goal to increase the number of affordable units to meet the demand.

In communities across the United States, rents are rising and a record number of families are barely scraping by, unable to afford a decent place to call home. They are the face of America’s growing housing insecurity crisis.   This same housing insecurity exists in our county and the Treasure Coast as a whole.  We are not immune to the current economic climate where stagnant wages and rising housing costs do not mix.

Housing Solutions Council’s aim is to help individuals and families in Martin and eventually the surrounding counties. On any given night, even in our mid-sized county over 500 school aged children are registered as homeless.  This number does not include families not reporting and children pre-school ages.  

In Martin County nearly 38% of working families  are often just one paycheck away from losing their homes—and many are left with the impossible choice between paying rent and buying groceries, with nothing left for doctor’s visits, school supplies and other necessities.  Nationwide, nearly 19 million families—10.9 million renter households and 7.5 million homeowners—live on the brink, paying more than half of their monthly income on housing.  There is a gap in the supply in Martin County, an estimated 1,000 + affordable rental units needed to meet the demand for rental housing of low to moderate income families in our community.

Housing Solutions Council was founded to ensure that one day every member of Martin County has a safe and stable home in a vibrant community.

Short Term Goal:  Our short term goal is to create quality multi-family rental housing that is affordable to members of our workforce in the low to moderate household income range. 

Our commitment toward that goal, by 2025 we will help provide opportunity to low-moderate income families through quality rental affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. 

Each project will support the next. 

Long Term Goal:  Our long term goal is to end housing insecurity in Martin County and surrounding counties through developing affordable communities, increasing advocacy, policy change, sponsoring studies and educating our community providing more opportunity for others to create and support affordable housing.   We will work so that families and individuals will no longer have to pay half their income on housing and so that members of our community will no longer live disconnected from jobs, education, health care and other opportunities.

Together with our community leaders and members of our community, partners and supporters, we can make a difference in the lives of struggling families and individuals. We can and we will end housing insecurity for low & moderate income families.

Join us!